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Title: Research Scientist
Affiliation: NASA
Contact: E-mail
Biospheric Sciences Laboratory
Code 618
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Office Phone: 301-614-6616
Fax: 301-614-6695



            Ph.D. in Geography, University of Maryland College Park, 2002

Area of Specialization: Remote Sensing, Economics and Development

Thesis Title: The Impact of Biophysical Conditions on Food Security in Three Sahelian Countries.  Advisor: Stephen D. Prince

            M.A. in Geography, University of Maryland College Park, 1998

            B.S. in Biology and Environmental Sciences, Tufts University, 1991

    Medford, Massachusetts


Positions and Appointments

Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center                               10/09 – present


Senior Research Scientist, Science Systems and Applications, Inc. at NASA        3/02 – 9/08


Faculty Research Assistant, University of Maryland                                              1/99 – 3/02

·      Worked with resident scientists on a variety of technical and scientific objectives, including mapping, cataloging and delivering AVHRR 8km datasets to various clients;

·      Conducted original research on the interaction of grain prices and vegetation dynamics in the West African Sahel; 


Professional Education Program Manager, SENECI                                              7/94 9/95

·      Conceived, marketed, and implemented multiple 5-day local language (Wolof) professional development programs for secretaries and mid-level managers for this small American consulting firm in Dakar, Senegal.


Volunteer, US Peace Corps, Senegal                                                                 6/92 – 7/94

·      Developed an outdoor education program for elementary schools involving teacher training, curriculum development and student projects that was adopted by environmental education volunteers throughout the U.S. Peace Corps in the Africa and Latin American regions.


Teaching Experience

Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Geography, George Washington University 1/04 – 5/04

Geog 107, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Department of Geography

Course included weekly image processing laboratory, using ENVI software


Faculty Teaching Assistant, University of Maryland                                             9/97 – 5/98

Human Geography, Department of Geography, approximately 150 students, two semesters.

Vegetation Data and Links

Where can I get the GIMMS Group AVHRR NDVI historical data?

Go to the University of Maryland's Global Land Cover Facility

The new collaborative Long Term Data Record (LTDR) project using AVHRR data can be found at LTDR

To see real-time NDVI anomaly images for Africa from both AVHRR and SPOT, go to: NDVI Anomalies for Africa and Afghanistan

To get real-time climate and weather data for Africa, Central America, Afghanistan and other regions, go to the NOAA CPC/FEWS page at: Weather Hazards Site FEWS NET Web Site

Research Interests

Research Interests Molly E. Brown, PhD My research contributes to NASA’s mission: ‘to advance and communicate scientific knowledge and understanding of the earth, the solar system, and the universe’. Two NASA earth science questions are at the center of my work: ‘How does the earth system respond to natural and human-induced changes?’ and ‘What are the consequences of change in the earth system for human civilization?’ To explore these questions, I conduct research in four areas: data fusion to develop long term data records of vegetation dynamics for carbon cycle and terrestrial ecosystem modeling; research to develop science data and analysis for societal applications; modeling of land cover and land use in the context of climate variability; and the development of models and methods that enable the quantification of the impact of climate change on human economic and political systems. Ongoing projects include:


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