Education and Outreach

The primary goal of education and public outreach within the Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences is to promote the educational value and significance of the scientific research while supporting the Earth Science Division's education and public outreach initiatives and objectives. The educational value of this science is based upon its implementation within the constructs of the public sector, principally; primary, secondary, and higher education classrooms and curriculums, as well as the general and science-attentive public. This science shall not only provide tools for the instructor, but shall also benefit the students by developing a foundation for future research in the hydrospheric and biospheric sciences.

The education and public outreach work being done links together the Earth science research being done through satellite missions, airborne campaigns, field work, and internal and external collaborations.  Our major goal is to understand our Earth.  Through the linkages of all these research methods, NASA is understanding our fragile planet.

Please visit the NASA Earth Right Now Web Site (link to to learn more about NASA's Earth Science Missions and Airborne campaigns.
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